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It can be difficult to know when you should modify a child custody order. Retaining a family law attorney will help you obtain information about the legal options available to you. Child support payments are important to divorce agreements, but it is possible to modify child support orders. The following will help you understand more about child custody modifications. 

Job Changes 

Changing jobs can be stressful. An ex-spouse may lose their job and be unable to meet their child support obligations. A party may file a motion to end or lower child support payments. You may be making more money at your new job, and an ex-spouse may then request an increase in child support payments. Numerous factors will affect whether you should request an increase or decrease in the total child support obligation. 

Factors Affecting Child Support Calculations in the State of Missouri 

Form No. 14 is the document that is required for calculating child support payments. The document is also known as the Child Support Amount Calculation Worksheet. Unemployed parents may be “imputed” income if they have a work history and education that qualifies them to pay for child support. The following factors will affect child support payment calculations: 

  • Trust funds 
  • Alimony payments from previous marriages 
  • Veteran’s benefits 
  • Lottery winnings and gifts 
  • Investments and capital gains 
  • Retirement plans and pensions 
  • Tips and bonuses 
  • Commissions 
  • Wages and salaries 

The court will also take into consideration the total number of children affected by the child support payment. Expenses for childcare and education will be included in the child support payment calculation. Child support calculations can affect child custody orders and requests to modify child custody orders. 

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