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Individuals who have child support agreements may change geographic locations or marry another person. Modifying child support agreements is one of the primary reasons prospective clients seek out a child support attorney. Mark Harford Law can help you with all of your child support needs. You do not have to take on every aspect of a child support case on your own. 

Child Support and Custody Modifications 

Understanding your own child support issue will help you inform your attorney of the type of legal assistance you need. The following are common reasons that give rise to child support modifications: 

  • Change in gross income of either parent.
  • Change in reasonable or extraordinary needs and expenses if the child.
  • Relocation of a parent.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the reasons which give rise to child support modifications. Sometimes prospective clients want to know if a particular fact means that a child support order should be modified. You need to understand how child support can change depending on extenuating circumstances. 

Child Support Determinations in the State of Missouri

 Divorce increases the costs of providing for a child because the resources the child needs are now separated into two different households. The costs associated with maintaining two homes is higher than maintaining one home. Child support payments in the State of Missouri are dictated by child support charts issued by the Missouri Supreme Court. These charts determine the amount of child support payments based on the following: 

  • Child care, medical care, and other expenses 
  • The children’s financial needs 
  • The total amount of children 
  • The total gross income of both parents 

It can be difficult to interpret child support requirements without the assistance of a family law attorney. Most family law attorneys have experience interpreting the child support guidelines. Tax consequences are also important when taking into account the factors that contribute to child support determinations. Prospective clients need to understand the financial consequences of specific child support determinations. 

Child Support and Child Custody 

Child support and child custody are different arrangements under Missouri law. If a parent has not paid child support, and you are the custodial parent, then you are not permitted to restrict or forbid child visitation. You should contact an attorney if a parent has not been paying child support. Parents who attempt to restrict access to their children may be brought before the judge for violating the child custody and visitation agreement. 

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