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Chesterfield Missouri Experienced Attorney

Based in Chesterfield, Missouri, Mark Harford Law provides assertive representation when a reasonable solution is not practical. The principal attorney, Mark Harford, is prepared to take the case to court and fight for the client’s rights. Meanwhile, the firm makes sure that the client receives the professional legal support they need during this stressful and emotional time in their life.

As a dedicated lawyer, Mark strives to provide exemplary legal solutions to assist clients through difficult times. His primary focus is on delivering the best service available for the people and the children involved in the case. He aims to steer his clients away from unnecessary and drawn-out litigations when a reasonable solution can be reached and provide representation as necessary.

Mission Statement

Mark R. Harford continues his proud history of providing personal legal services to his clients. He zealously asserts his clients’ rights in adversarial situations by providing affordable, confidential representation with the utmost integrity.

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Legal History

We take a look at different moments in the history of the Missouri legal system, including some unique lawyers that have passed through our state

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