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If you file for a divorce, then you need to understand your legal rights and all the options available to you under the laws of Missouri. You need to be prepared for how your divorce case will proceed, and you should speak to an experienced divorce lawyer in Missouri. Mark Harford Law can help you with every aspect of your divorce case. 

Requirements for Obtaining a Valid Divorce in the State of Missouri 

To obtain a valid divorce in the State of Missouri, a party must meet residency requirements and jurisdiction requirements. To file for a divorce in the State of Missouri, one spouse must have resided in Missouri for at least ninety days prior to the initiation of divorce proceedings. 

Also, divorce proceedings must occur in the county where either spouse resides. You should speak to a family law attorney if you have more questions about jurisdiction and venue. 

Equitable Distribution and the State of Missouri 

The State of Missouri does not divide property into fifty-fifty portions. Missouri follows the theory of equitable distribution. Both spouses are to receive what is equitable or belongs to them. Courts in Missouri do not divide assets or split property into equal portions. 

Factors relevant to the equitable distribution are each spouse’s income, the property value, the value of any assets, the grounds for divorce, and the living conditions of the children. These are not all the factors which are relevant to equitable distribution, but they are the most important. 

The Grounds for Divorce in the State of Missouri 

Missouri is a modified no-fault divorce state. Marital misconduct may affect the equitable disposition of property and debt. It could also affect whether spousal maintenance (Alimony) is paid.

You should speak to a knowledgeable family law attorney to determine your rights and all legal options available to you.

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